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Responsible Business

As part of Bath and North East Somerset Council, Bath’s Historic Venues, work hard to reduce waste and consumption as well as sourcing local products wherever possible.

Managing Resources & Recycling

One of Bath and North East Somerset Council's prime objectives is to address the causes and effects of climate change. The Council is a Beacon Council for waste management and despite the historic nature of our venues, we have taken steps to ensure that they are as energy efficient as possible without compromising their listed building or scheduled ancient monument status or our visitors’ experience. These measures include:

  • Installing energy efficient light bulbs (wherever possible).
  • New flood-lighting of the Great Bath in 2007 reduced energy consumption by 60%. Efficient LED lighting was installed on the Terrace and Reception Hall in 2009.
  • Fitting new energy efficient hand dryers, along with sensor taps and urinals to save water
  • At the Roman Baths we use heat from the thermal spring to help heat the building.
  • Using high efficiency boilers to heat the parts that Spa Water cannot reach!
  • Ensuring that Searcys, our contracted caterers at the Pump Room and Assembly Rooms, are committed to sourcing produce locally to reduce food miles. Steps are also taken to ensure that produce is ethically sourced. You can find out more about their commitment to sustainability on their website.
  • Food waste is recycled. 
  • Recycling all paper used for brochures, letters and envelopes and, wherever possible waste paper, cardboard and ink cartridges.
  • Our shops use recyclable paper bags and 100% biodegradable carrier bags.
  • Introducing a new electricity contract at the Pump Room to increase the proportion of green energy used to more than 60%.  
  • Our conservation processes use reversible techniques.

There is always room for improvement.  Our plans for the near future include:

  1. Extending the scale and scope of energy recovery from the Hot Spring into a district-wide scheme for use at both the Roman Baths and neighbouring Bath Abbey.
  2. Using an electric van to meet our local transport needs.
  3. Investigating the possibility of rain water capture and installing roof mounted photo voltaic panels in The Archway Centre development.
  4. We will further eliminate the use of single-use plastic using sustainable alternatives where possible, as part of our pledge to achieve plastic free community status for Bath and North East Somerset by April 2020.
  5. We are developing low carbon menus with caterer Searcys.


For more information about events at Bath's Historic Venues, please call us on 01225 477786 or complete an enquiry form.