5 Reasons to Marry at Sunrise

A big wedding day isn’t for everyone, and for couples who don’t relish being in the spotlight; would rather save money, ditch the formality, or want an intimate ceremony for just two (and maybe a handful of guests) – a Sunrise wedding may just be the perfect way to tie the knot. Here are five of our favourite reasons to exchange vows as the sun comes up.

22 February 2018


Reason 1
Marry by 9am before the bustle of the day begins and spend a deliciously relaxed day together - either just the two of you or with close family and friends. A Sunrise wedding bypasses the need to plan a day for your guests and the headache of seating plans and playlists – instead think spa day, breakfast at your favourite restaurant, punting down a river or entertaining from your own home….. the possibilities are endless!

Reason 2
Exchange your vows early in the morning then jet off to your honeymoon destination  – you’ll be treated like royalty all day long. Don’t forget to let them know when you board your plane – you never know, you may be in for an upgrade or complimentary glass of fizz.

Image: A Tall Long Legged Bird
Image: A Tall Long Legged Bird
Image: A Tall Long Legged Bird

Reason 3
If it’s a matter of economics, a Sunrise wedding can be far cheaper but still magical. A wedding breakfast for your guests wont’ be as expensive as a wedding reception and party but needn’t be any less special. In summer time and the weather is great, a picnic in the park might just be the best way to celebrate with family and friends.

Reason 4
Photographs taken at first light have a beautiful, ethereal quality. Photographer Amy Sanders who regularly shoots weddings at the Roman Baths in Bath suggests scouting out where the light best falls at your venue early in the morning so that you can be sure to list and capture the best shots. Scout out the ‘wow’ factor before the event – at the Roman Baths all ceremonies are torchlit and when the water from the Great Bath is steaming, the venue is wonderfully atmospheric.

Image: Amy Sanders
Image: Amy Sanders
Image: A Tall long Legged Bird

Reason 5
Do something different! Wedding guests and brides and grooms alike, love the quirkiness and romance of a Sunrise wedding . At the Roman Baths, you have exclusive access to a venue rarely available for private hire – without the hustle and bustle of tourists. You’d be surprised at how many people would prefer to opt for a less formal day with room for manoeuvre, rather than attending a military style affair. 

Sunrise wedding packages are available all year round. Visit our Sunrise Wedding page or make an enquiry for further details.