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Filming of The Duchess at the Assembly Rooms Filming of The Duchess at the Assembly Rooms Show image info

Image: Filming of the Duchess at the Assembly Rooms

Filming and Photography

Our venues on screen.

Bath is often used as a location for filming and the city is renowned for being film friendly. Many productions be they promotional travelogues, non-fiction programmes such as the Antiques Roadshow, feature films such as the Duchess or dramas such as The Best of Men have featured one or more of Bath's Historic Venues. Bath has always been a popular backdrop for period dramas but it has also been used in contemporary productions such as Bonekickers, Fantastic Mr Fox and Les Miserables.

The team at Bath's Historic Venues are experienced in working with film crews and location managers but Bath also has a dedicated film office who are happy to assist with sourcing locations and suppliers as well as assisting with logistic arrangements such as road closures.